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Beef production for small farms, Jan. 2000, G.J. Pirelli, Oregon State University, EC 1514. Excellent for areas west of the Cascades.

Food Safety is Your Business. Revised December 2001, Jean Smith, Darla Marks, Jan Busboom, Washington State University. 4-color brochure relating to meat safety in the Washington State Food Safety and Quality Assurance Program (Bundle of 5). The full publication, EB1676 is 22 pages.

Microlivestock: Little-Known Small Animals with a Promising Economic Future (1991) The National Academies Press, Office of International Affairs (OIA); you can print this book one page at a time, or purchase an electronic copy.

Raising beef cattle on a few acres. Sept., 1999. Dale ZoBell, Craig Burrell, and Clell Bagley, Utah State University.

Rotational grazing: Livestock systems guide. November 2004, Alice Beetz, Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (ATTRA).

Sustainable Beef Production, August 1999, Anne Fanatico, Ron Morrow, and Ann Wells, Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (ATTRA).

Water, grass, and livestock: An annotated bibliography of riparian grazing publications. October, 2002. Developed by the Land Stewardship Project in Minnesota. A very complete PDF file; 37 pages.


Parasites of Cattle. January 2000, N.L. Gates, R.B. Wescott. Washington State University.

Supplementing Cattle on Drought Affected Pastures and Ranges. March 2003, James R. Males, John Unruh, Bill McReynolds, Washington State University.

Weaning on Pasture for Low-Stress Beef Production. October 30,2003, Dr. Jim Gerrish, Grazing Land Consultant, Washington State University.


Beef Marketing Alternatives, 2006. Anne Fanatico and Lee Rinehart, Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (ATTRA).

Oregon Country Beef, 2001, Doc & Connie Hatfield, growers and marketers of sustainable grown beef from eastern Oregon.

San Juan Farmers' Plan is a Cut Above, 11-26-2001. Lynda V. Mapes, Seattle Times Newspaper. Farmers hope to operate an on-farm slaughtering unit to support local growers on the San Jaun Islands in Puget Sound.

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