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Animal Health

Animal Health

Feeding Alternatives for Horses, by Joe B. Johnson, Washington State University Pullman. Reprinted July 2004.

Feeding the Performance Horse, by Larry A. Lawrence, Washington State University. Reprinted April 2004.

Identifying Abnormal Equine Behavior, by Larry A. Lawrence, N.L. Gates, D.G. Bowers, Washington State University. This guide describes vices or problem behavior in horses and their probable causes. 1992.

Mustards a Concern For Horse Owners, by Jean Smith, Washington State University Area Extension Agent. 2003.

Recommended Vaccinations for Washington Horses, by Melissa T. Hines, Washington State University. 2001.

Tetanus (Lockjaw), by Roy I. Hostleter, Washington State University. 1996.


Managing Small-acreage Horse Farms for green pastures, clean water, and healthy horses. Oregon State University. 24 pages, (PDF). 2003.

Water, grass, and livestock: An annotated bibliography of riparian grazing publications, by Melissa Driscoll, The Land Stewardship Project in Minnesota, and Bruce Vondracek, USGS/BRD, Minnesota Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Unit. A very complete document. 37 pages. (PDF)


The Horse Source, a multipurpose equine site.

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