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Dairy Sheep. By Linda Coffey, NCAT Agriculture Specialist. 2001. Published by ATTRA–National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service. PDF version available at: http://attra.ncat.org/attra-pub/PDF/dairysheep.pdf

Suggested Lambing/Kidding Supplies. By Dr. Susan R. Kerr, WSU Extension Directory–Klickitat County. (107K PDF)

Microlivestock: Little-Known Small Animals with a Promising Economic Future (1991) The National Academies Press, Office of International Affairs (OIA); you can print this book one page at a time, or purchase an electronic copy.

Nutritional Management of the Sheep Flock. By Kristen A. Johnson, Washington State University. June 1997.

Sustainable Sheep Production Livestock Production Guide. By Ann Wells, Lance Gegner & Richard Earles, NCAT Agriculture Specialists, 2000. Published by ATTRA–National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service. PDF available at: http://attra.ncat.org/attra-pub/PDF/sheep.pdf

Tube Feeding Neonatal Small Ruminants. This Washington State University publication (EB 1998) gives a complete overview of the topic of tube feeding neonatal lambs and kids. Relevant anatomy, indications, and techniques are presented. Photographs illustrate the techniques discussed. Information about colostrum, biosecurity, sanitation, and passive transfer of immunity is included as well.

Llama Guards

Llama Guardians. “A male gelding llama will guard livestock sheep, goats, free-range poultry etc, by his own natural protective instinct…”

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