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Pest Management
Historical notes
Plant Breeding
Nursery plants
Greenhouse production
Food processing
Postharvest handling

ProductionStrawberries spilling from a basket

Oregon's strawberry varieties, 2000, Pat Moore, Chad Finn, Oregon Strawberry Commission.

Pacific Northwest strawberry plant sales, 2008, Pat Moore, WSU Puyallup.

Western Oregon strawberry irrigation guide. 1997. Oregon State University.

Pest Management

Pacific Northwest Weed Management Handbook, May, 2005, complete on-line guide to all phases of weed control.

Crop Profile for Strawberries in Oregon, 2002, Joe DeFrancesco, good over-view of problems faced by Northwest growers.

Pest management guide for commercial small fruits. January 2009, Washington State University Extension Publications, EB 1491.

Beneficial insects and common pests on strawberry and raspberry crops, 1991, D.E. Henderson, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Publication 1863/E.

Crop Profile for Strawberries in New York, 2000, Marvin Pritts, Cornell University.

Strawberries: Organic Production (and IPM Options). 2007. By Martin Guerena and Holly Born. Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (ATTRA).

Strawberry Insect Pest Management, 1997, Sujaya Udayagiri and Stephen C. Welter, University of California.

Pesticide label database, Crop Data Management Systems; free listings of pesticide lables Material safety Safety Datasheets.

An Online Guide to Plant Disease Control, Oregon State University. Excellent color plates.


Oregon Strawberry Commission, the principal grower association representing both processing and fresh sales.

California Strawberry Commission.

Historical Notes

Oregon Strawberry History: A short report on the history of strawberry cultivation in Oregon.


Year 2008 Berry Acreage, Production, and Value, July 2009, Oregon Department of Agriculture, statistics provided for both Oregon and Washington.

Berries and Vines: Planning for Profit Enterprise Budgets, British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food; costs of production, and potential reaturns for berry crops.

Market News Reports – Terminal Market Strawberry Fruit Report, USDA Ag Marketing Service.

Plant Breeding

Dr. Chad Finn, plant breeder, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Horticultural Crops Research Lab, Corvallis, OR.

Dr. Pat Moore, plant breeder, Washington State University, Western Washington Research and Extension Center, Puyallup, WA.

Dr. Tom Walters, horticulturist, Washington State University, Northwestern Washington Research and Extension Center at Mt. Vernon.


Keeping Berries Safe: A Grower's Guide to Preventing Food-borne Illness from Berry Crops, Last reviewed December 2002, Pam Fisher, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs.

Nursery Plants

Spooner Farms, commercial nursery plant supplier for Northwest growers.

Greenhouse Production

Berried Treasures: Off-season production of strawberries and raspberries. November 2000, Marvin Pritts, Cornell University.

Food Pocessing

Oregon Gourmet Foods. Trade association whose members produce a varied assortment of gourmet foods either grown, made or caught in Oregon to be sold on local, regional, national and worldwide levels.

Postharvest Handling

Strawberry recommendations for maintaining postharvest quality, Elizabeth J. Mitcham, Department of Pomology, University of California at Davis.

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