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Growing Christmas trees in the Pacific Northwest. Revised June 2003. Chal Landgren, Rick Fletcher, Mike Bondi, Dan Barney, and R. Mahoney, Oregon State University. A 40-page review of the Northwest's industry, has color plates of the predominant species.

An Introduction to Growing Christmas Trees, 1999, Mike Bondi, Oregon State University, Extension Service.

Trees Against the Wind. Revised Feb. 2003. Don Hanley, WSU Extension Forester, WSU Extension Publications. An excellent 40-page color publication detailing how to build wind breaks around tree farms in order to protect the Christmas trees from windy conditions. Available in hardcopy. Not on-line. Cost: $8.

The Christmas Tree: Traditions, Production, and Diseases. 2000. Gary Chastagner, from Plant Health Progress, excellent review of North American Christmas Tree industry with a slant towards diseases.

Developing High Quality True Fir Christmas Trees, PNW 226, 1993, C.G. Landgren and B.S. Douglass, Oregon State University, Extension Service. The best production guide for Northwest Nobles.

Developing Sheared Douglas-fir Christmas Trees. PNW 227, Reprinted January 1993. W.M. Proebsting and C.G. Landgren, OSU Extension. The best guide for Douglas-firs.

Growing Christmas Trees in North Carolina, May 1997, a good on-line guide to tree growing (includes our Northwest Fraser Fir), in PDF format, 30 pages, takes time to download.

Christmas Tree Notes Catalog, North Carolina State University, a collection of pages devoted mainly to Fraser fir production, some with color plates.


Harvesting and Marketing Noble Fir Boughs from Christmas Tree Plantations. 1998. Jim Freed, WSU Extension, and Chal Landgren, OSU Extension.

Pruning and Shearing

Shearing and Culturing Christmas Trees, video, produced by Oregon State University in 1992, VTP5. Excellent advice for Noble fir growers. Cost: $33.00.


Christmas Tree Nutrient Management Guide for Western Oregon and Washington. September 2009. Oregon State University Publications. A excellent over-view of nutrient management for Northwest Christmas tree growers. EM 8856-E.


Forest Tree Nurseries in Washington and Adjacent States. EB 790. Washington State University Extension.

Webster Forest Nursery. Washington State Department of Natural Resources. This site lists the availability of conifers from the DNR. It explains the various categories of seedlings.

Selecting and Buying Quality Seedlings, R.E. Duddles, and C.G. Landgren, Oregon State University, EC 1196, reprinted June 2006, 12 pages in PDF format.

The Care and Planting of Tree Seedlings on Your Woodland, M. Elefritz, et al., Oregon State University, December 1998, reprinted May 2006. 12 pages in PDF format.

Convert Christmas trees to forests

Converting Christmas trees to forest takes thinning over time. Tiffany Woods, The Capital Press Newspaper, April 19, 2002. Describes how to convert an abandoned Christmas tree stand into productive timber over time.


John Deere 4100 Narrow series tractor with Rears PacBlast sprayer for Christmas trees, taken summer of 2001, at Hunter Christmas Tree Farm in Mossyrock, Washington.

Healthy Noble firs one year away from harvest, taken summer 2001, 266k image, landscape format.

Noble Fir foliage, taken summer 2001, 269k image, landscape, high quality.

Grand Fir at 2001 Northwest Christmas Tree Trade Fair, September, 2001, 126k image, portrait format.

Grand Fir out in the field. Summer, 2001. 142 k image, portrait.

Douglas Fir foliage. large image, high quality, from National Christmas Tree Association photo stock files (look under Media to find stock photos).

Douglas Fir foliage. Very high quality image (3.94 meg) taken by Charles Brun, use for backgrounds.

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