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Growing Wine Grapes in Maritime Western Washington, by G.A. Moulton, and J. King, Washington State University, Mt. Vernon. EB 2001

Oregon wineries awash in grape harvest, 9-27-02, John Schmitz, the Capital Press.

Grapes for Fresh and Wine Production, 11/99, Ed Hellman, formerly with OSU Extension, North Willamette Experiment Station, Aurora, OR.

Grapes: Organic Production. Rex Dufour, NCAT Agriculture Specialist. 2006. Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (ATTRA).

Growing Wine Grapes in the Puget Sound. Updated January 2006. Steve Snyder. Hollywood Hill Vineyards. Puget Sound Winegrowers Association.

Buying winegrape plants, Bernadine Strik, Oregon State University.

Oregon Low Input Viticulture and Enology (LIVE) program. Certification program for sustainably grown wine grapes.

Growing grapes in Eastern Washington: Proceedings from the 1998 Washington State University Shortcourse for Establishing a Vineyard and Producing Grapes. John Watson, Washington State University Extension. ISBN: 978-0963065988. Good Fruit Growers magazine.

Winegrape fertilization practices for Oregon, Edward Hellman, Oregon State University Extension Service. Presented at the 1997 annual meeting of the Oregon Horticultural Society.

The Internet Guide to Wine, and Frequently Asked Questions, 1996, Brad and Dri Brown, good over-view of the entire grape growing and wine making industry.

Oregon State Wine Facts
Number of wineries in 2000 185
Number of wineries in 1999 168
Number of wineries in 1990 71
Wine grape acreage in 2000 10,500
Number of varietal wines 39+
U.S. ranking of number of wineries 2nd
U.S. ranking of production output 4th
Oregon wine sales in 2000 (in dollars) $120 million
Oregon wine sales in 2000 (by cases) 991,770 cases


Too much of a good thing? Nov. 2001, Ed Merriman, the Capital Press Newspaper, a review of the 2001 season in Oregon.

Oregon vineyard report. Covering 1992- 2008, Oregon Ag Statistics, Salem, OR. Acreage, yield, prices per ton.

Pest management

Pest Management Guide for Wine Grapes in Oregon, 2009. OSU Extension, EM 8413. Complete guide to diseases, insects, weeds, and bird control.

An Online Guide to Plant Disease Control, Oregon State University. Excellent color plates.

Phylloxera: What IS it, reducing the risk, monitoring, managing, replanting

University support

Growing Grapes in Washington, WSU Viticulture Extension. 2005. A brand new web site with all sorts of good information for both eastern as well as western Washington.

Wine and Grape Program at Washington State University. Overview of wine grape research; extensive list of faculty support.

Community college support

Vineyard management and Winemaking programs, Chemekata Community College, Salem, OR. This community college offers both a 1 and 2 year Associate Arts degrees in wine grapes and wine making.

Grower Associations

Oregon Wine Grower's Association, Portland, OR

Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers, Cashmere, WA. Good overview of of Washington's 24,000 wine grape industry. Has the e-mail links for the WSU grape research and extension workers.


Northwest Wine Coalition, represents more than 250 wineries from WA, OR, and ID, whose goal is to introduce quality wineries from Washington, Oregon and Idaho to the rest of the world.

Oregon Wineries, Oregon Wine Board, Portland, Oregon.

Washington Wine Commission, Seattle, WA. This site has links to all the wineries in Washington. Good for planning a wine tasting trip.

Wines of the Olympic Peninsula and Islands, Olympic Peninsula and Puget Sound Islands Winery Loop Association.

Wine Press Northwest, links to news about the Northwest's wine industry.

Wines Northwest, a guide to the wine country in the Pacific Northwest.

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