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Greenhouse Resources for Small Scale Producers

By Brian Tuck, Wasco County Extension Agent, Susan Kerr, WSU-Klickitat County Extension Director and Linda Williams, Klickitat County 4-H Program Assistant.

On October 9, 2004, Washington State University Extension and Oregon State University Extension Service sponsored the small-scale poultry and greenhouse workshops at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center in The Dalles, OR. For those unable to attend, we wanted to provide information concerning useful resources for those interested in small-scale poultry and green house production. If you have any questions concerning the resources listed here, please contact the OSU Wasco County Extension office at 541-296-5494 or the WSU Klickitat County Extension office at 509-773-5817. Readers who do not have access to the Internet at home may contact their county Extension office for these documents or access them through their public library.


Photo of greenhouse

These publications are available through your local Oregon State University Extension Service. Many of these publications can be downloaded free of charge from http://eesc.oregonstate.edu/

  • Constructing Coldframes and Hotbeds, FS 246
  • Propagating Plants from Seed, PNW 170
  • Several more publications on plant propagation not listed here are appropriate for greenhouse production

These publications are available through your local Washington State University Extension office or may be downloaded from http://pubs.wsu.edu/

  • Propagating, Growing Grape Plants in Plastic Houses for Early Field Planting, EB 1204
  • Building Hobby Greenhouses, PNW0171
  • Portable Field Hoophouse, EB1825
  • Crop Profile for Bedding Plants in Washington, MISC0365E
  • Propagating Herbaceous Plants from Cuttings, PNW0151

The Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service (NRAES) has several excellent publications relating to both large and small-scale greenhouse production. These can be ordered through their website at www.nraes.org.

  • Energy Conservation for Commercial Green Houses, NRAES-3
  • Greenhouse Engineering, NRAES-33
  • Greenhouses for Homeowners and Gardeners, NRAES-137
  • Greenhouse Systems: Automation, Culture and Environment, NRAES-72
  • Water and Nutrient Management for Greenhouses, NRAES-56

Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas has excellent publications about small-scale greenhouse production topics. Their website is www.attra.org/publication.html. These are a few of the titles available:

  • Organic Vegetable, Tomato and Herb Production Guides
  • Root Zone Heating for Greenhouse Crops
  • Compost Heated Greenhouses
  • Integrated Pest Management for Greenhouse Crops

Alabama A&M also produces some very good greenhouse publications. Here are the titles and locations:

  • Hobby Greenhouse Construction at www.aces.edu/pubs/docs/A/ANR-1105/
  • Hobby Greenhouse Practices at www.aces.edu/pubs/docs/A/ANR-1153/
  • Starting a Greenhouse Business at www.aces.edu/pubs/docs/A/ANR-0691/

University of Florida also offers a number of very good publications on greenhouse management and their Web site is http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/publications.html.

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