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Pest Management
Postharvest storage
International trade


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Pest management

An Online Guide to Plant Disease Control. Oregon State University. Excellent color plates. 2009.

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Onion and garlic weed photo gallery, University of California Pest Management Guidelines, excellent color plates of all the various weeds of garlic in California. 2004.

Postharvest storage

Recommendations for maintaining postharvest quality for garlic, Marita Cantwell, Department of Vegetable Crops, University of California, Davis, CA. 2002.


Garlic Seed Foundation, David Stern, Director, Rose Valley Farm, P.O. Box 149, Rose, NY 14542-0149, 315-587-9787. Created in 1984 over a love of garlic potluck suppers, the Garlic Seed Foundation has grown to an international organization of over 1,000 members, primarily centered in the Northeast US Objectives have been to educate, promote, and have some fun. GSF acts as a clearing house of information and research data. Its newsletter, The Garlic Press, is published about 4 times per year. Yearly membership fee is $15.00 and includes a copy of Garlic, a cooperative report written by Cornell University and the GSF. Also available from the Foundation are a number of reports, fact sheets, videos, books, a garlic bibliography, and an annual listing of available planting stock. Mr. Stern is willing to accept calls with specific questions.

The Origin of the Gilroy Garlic Festival, Gilroy Garlic Festival Association, Inc., Gilroy, CA.

International trade

Import competition in the garlic industry, National Food and Agricultural Policy Project, Arizona State University. Good discussion of the import pressure U.S. growers are facing with garlic from China. March 2000, revised October 2003.

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