Washington State University

Small Farms Team

Short Course in Pastured Poultry Production

This course will cover raising poultry for meat
in a pasture setting.
Specific topics that will be discussed include:


Growing, Buying, & Mixing Feed
Animal Care

Animal Health and Disease
Organic Certification
Breed Selection

A chicken breed trial is underway this summer at the Organic farm at WSU Puyallup. Slow Cornish chickens (pictured at left) are being compared to Cornish Cross for feed conversion efficiency and other traits. Both breeds will be mature and on display during the field portion of the class.

see more photos from the trial



Jim Hermes, Extension Poultry Specialist, OSU
Rocio Crespo, Avian Health and Food Safety Lab, WSU
Katherine Withey, Organic Livestock Certification Coordinator, WSDA


Individual classes range from 20 to 60 minutes and are available for $0 to $10.

You may sign up for classes here


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