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Narrated Presentations

Cooperative Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Marketing

by Sarita Schaffer, WSU Small Farms Program

English (narrated by Sarita Schaffer)
Coop CSA en espanol /Spanish (narrated by Sarita Schaffer)

Doing Business Professionally

by Jose Garcia-Pabon, Latino Community Studies and Outreach

Haciendo Negocios Profesionalmente en la Agricultura, en espanol/Spanish
(translated and narrated by Malaquias Flores)
Av Muaj Kuab, Hmong
(translated by Bee Cha)


Farming Practices for Healthy Fertile Soil

by Doug Collins, Small Farms Extension Specialist

English (narrated by Doug Collins)
Practicas Agricolas para Suelos Fertiles y Saludables, en espanol /Spanish (narrated and translated by Malaquias Flores)
Kawm Txhawb av Liaj Teb Kom Muaj Kuab, Hmong (narrated and translated by Bee Cha)


Market and Consumer Analysis

by Karina Gallardo, WSU Economic Sciences and Tree Fruit Research Station, Wenatchee

English (translated by Sarita Schaffer, narrated by Kate Halsted)
Mercadeo, en espanol / Spanish (narrated by Sarita Schaffer)


Development and production of these presentations was supported by a grant from the USDA Risk Management Agency




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