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Elkhorn Ridge Farm

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Contact: John  Daily
Address: 1641 Pheasant Ln.
City: Ellensburg
Phone: (509) 929-2334
Hours: 8:00AM to 6:00PM
Elkhorn Ridge Farm has been practicing organic production since its beginning. Our chickens are free ranging. Quail are fed a natural diet that contains no growth hormones or antibiotics. We have been practicing the organic methods prior to starting Elkhorn Ridge Farm. That would go back some 50 odd years, which is more than I would care to remember and long before it was PC. Quail and Quail eggs are of the Coturnix Pharaoh XLD-1 variety. Pickled Quail Eggs are offered in several sizes and flavors


Products Offered

Nursery Stock, Flowers & Ornamentals

Vegetable/Herb starts

Meat, Eggs & Dairy Products

Eggs, Chicken


Driving Directions to Farm

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Green building behind Thorp Fruit and Antiques

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