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Terry's Berries Farm Walk, April 13, 2009

Download the Farm Walk Booklet! (13mb PDF)

We had 87 people at our first farmwalk of 2009.  We split the group into two smaller groups and Terry gave her presentation on record keeping and farm planning inside their farm store and out of the rain.  Dick took the other half on a tour of the farm, spending significant time discussing their newest method of hoop-house construction, newly grafted scab-resistant apples in the orchard, cover-cropping, and year-round egg production.  We then rotated groups and Terry and Dick gave their respective presentations a second time.

We had significant help from Chris Benedict, at WSU Pierce County Extension, who helped in the planning and execution of the farmwalk and  was available as a resource person.  We were also joined by Renee Delaney and Lisa Brines from the WSDA Organic Food Program.  Renee provided information for the booklet that each participant received and was also available to provide clarification on record keeping from an organic certification perspective.  As always, there was significant sharing of resources and information from other farmers, including farmers from as far away as Nash’s in Sequim, WA.

Terry Carkner discussing farm recordkeeping strategies

Farm walk participants crowd into the store to hear Terry

Low tunnel for season extension at Terry's Berries

Dick Carkner discusses low tunnel construction

Dick Carkner talks about egg production

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