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Chef/Farmer Connection Directory for Western Washington

Washington State University Agricultural Systems Program, in collaboration with the King County Agriculture Commission, Washington Restaurant Association, Chefs Collaborative 2000, Washington State Department of Agriculture, and Washington Tilth, has recently published the 2000-2001 edition of the Chef/Farmer Connection Directory. This comprehensive 25-page directory is specifically designed to build direct connections between Washington chefs and Washington farmers. The directory is available free of charge at the agencies mentioned above.

The idea for the Chef/Farm Connection Directory developed between WSU Cooperative Extension and the Seattle chapter of Chefs Collaborative 2000 (CC2000), a group of chefs interested in supporting local and sustainable agriculture. When asked what their biggest challenge was in supporting local agriculture, CC2000 president Matt Costello said that it was being able to find the time to locate Washington farmers who wanted to sell directly to restaurants. WSU Extension then agreed to work with farmers and chefs to create a directory that would help make that connection. Our hope is that both restaurateurs and farmers will benefit from this type of publication; restaurateurs will be able to find the freshest, best quality produce available, and farmers can secure a local market, cutting down on transportation and shipping costs.

Locating growers

Within the Chef/Farmer Connection Directory, growers are listed alphabetically by region to help restaurateurs connect with local farmers. For easy reference, each farm has an icon denoting its growing practices, identifying it as Certified Organic, Transitional, Claimed Ecologically Sound, or as practicing Integrated Pest Management. The definitions are listed in the Table of Contents for those who are not familiar with these specific terms. Because we cannot guarantee the status of each farm, we encourage users of this booklet to ask growers directly about their particular growing practices.

Following the body of the directory, there is a Crop Finder section designed to help chefs locate farms by products available. Also included is the contact information for local resources and the agencies that have collaborated with us on this project. If you would like to request free copies of the Chef/Farmer Connection Directory, please contact Dr. Carol Miles at WSU Extension (360) 576-6030, milesc@wsu.edu. If you have questions/comments/suggestions or if you want your farm to be listed in the next Chef/Farmer Connection Directory, please contact Dr. Miles.

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