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Hmong and Lao Related PhD Dissertations/MA Theses and Educational Materials

Most of these studies can be ordered at Proquest's Digital Dissertation and Thesis Database using the ID # provided. Contact hmongcultural@hotmail.com for further information if required. Compiled by Mark E. Pfeifer, PhD.

Subject & Title Author(s) Organization ID#
Appropriation of leadership positions: An interpretive study from a transnational perspective (California, China, Thailand, Laos),2000, 149 pages Boyd, Carol Ann, EdD University of San Francisco 9968762
'How can I make it here?' The adaptation to rural American life by Lao refugee women, 2000, 207 pages White, Jeanne Carol Vosecky, EdD University of Georgia 9994132
The integration of Laotian refugees in Calgary (Alberta), 2000, 161 pages Nontapattamadul, Kitipat, PhD University of Calgary (Canada) NQ49552
Ritual theory for interpretation of Lao Sukhwan rituals, 1999, 139 pages Bailey, Stephen Kermit, ThM Fuller Theological Seminary, School of World Mission 1393279
Ethnicity...it won't just go away. The resilience of ethnicity through practices of assimilation: Lao refugees in a midwest community, 1998, 290 pages Greer, Colleen Rae, PhD University of Kansas 9905452
The restructuring of Thailand's foreign policy towards Laos, 1988-1991 (Chatichai Choonhavan), 1998, 361 pages Oldfield, David Daniel, PhD Northern Illinois University 9906440
Neonatal tetanus: A community-based study on risk factors and tetanus toxoid effectiveness in Lao People's Democratic Republic, 1998. Philavong, Bounpheng, DrPH The Johns Hopkins University No ID Number Available
Tone in Vientiane Lao, 1997, 204 pages Osatananda, Varisa, PhD University of Hawaii 9801455
Sino-Lao Relations In World Politics Since 1954: The Theory and Practice of Peaceful Coexistence (China, Laos, United States, Soviet Union, RICHARD NIXON, NIKITA KHRUSHCHEV, VLADIMIR LENIN, Triangular Politics, Cold war, Detente, Containment, HARRY S. TRUMAN), 1996, 385 pages Vang, Pobzeb, PhD University of Denver 9632552
The White Parasol and the Red Star: The Lao Classical Music Culture in a Climate of Change (Socialism), 1995, 279 pages Mahoney, Therese Mary, PhD University of California, Los Angeles 9601295
Thai Foreign Policy Toward Laos, 1975-1990, 1994, 275 pages Jiwalai, Raschada, PhD University of Hawaii 9519453
Correlates of Nutritional Status in Preschool Children in Northern Vietnam and Vientiane Province, Laos, with Special Attention to Wild Food Consumption in Laos, 1994, 358 pages Shoff, Suzanne Marie, PhD The University of Wisconsin - Madison 9426967
Singing the Lives of the Buddha: Lao Fold Opera as an Educational Medium, 1993, 351 pages Bernard-Johnston, Jean Merrill, EdD University of Massachusetts 9329569
At War in the Shadow of Vietnam: United States Military Aid to the Royal Lao Government, 1955-1975 (Laos) Castle, Timothy Neil, PhD University of Hawaii 9129666
Lao Women as Patrons: The Linking of Domains in a Refugee Community, 1991, 188 pages Healy, Mary Teresa, PhD The University of Rochester 9119470
A Laotian Refugee Community: Its Impact on Adaptation, 1990, 203 pages Bhookong, Sadhon, PhD Texas Woman's University 9033265
Kmhmu Verbal Art in America: The Poetics of Kmhmu Verse (United States, Laos) 1989, 624 pages Proschan, Frank, PhD The University of Texas at Austin 9016959
Church Management from an Asian Perspective: A Case Study of the Lao-Cambodian Ministry of Southern California (Indochinese Refugees), 1988, 92 pages Dechawan, Prachuab, Dmin School of Theology at Claremont 8816077
Finding a Way: Cross-Cultural Adaptation at Home and School in Nashville, Tennessee (Lao, Khmer, Southeast Asian), 1988, 188 pages Lydon, Julia, PhD Bryn Mawr College 8817350
Naturalistic Acquisition and Self Directed Learning of English as a Second Language Among Adult Members of a Lao Refugee Community, 1988, 148 pages Wall, Howard Taft, Jr., Edd North Carolina State University 8904137
A Missiological Strategy for the Evangelization of Lowland Laotian Refugees in the United States, 1988, 288 pages Wright, C. Thomas, PhD Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary 8819178
Cambodian and Laotian Mothers and Daughters in Chicago: Surviving Crises and Renegotiating Identities (Illinois), 1987, 372 pages Burki, Elizabeth Anne, PhD Northwestern University 8723625
Spirit and the Social Order: The Responsiveness of Lao Iu Mien History, Religion and Organization (Thai Refugees), 1987 Habarad, Jonathan Karl Joseph, PhD University of California, Berkeley Ordering information not available
Lao Adolescents in Honolulu Schools: Factors Contributing to their Academic and Social Adjustment (Hawaii), 1987, 230 pages Kapiniaris Tan, Terpsichore N., Med University of Hawaii 1333002
The Lao in the United States Since Migration: An Anthropological Inquiry of Persistence and Accommodation, 1987, 224 pages Sen, Srila, PhD University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 8711875
Lao Depression Inventory (Indochinese Refugees, Nebraska, United States), 1986, 131 pages Davidson-Muskin, Mary-Beth, PhD The University of Nebraska - Lincoln 8629528
Road Through the Mountains: The Origins of Nationalism and Communism In Laos: 1930-1954), 1985, 353 pages Gunn, Geoffrey Charles, PhD Monash University (Australia) 8627271
Refugees and American Schools: A Field Study of Southeast Asians in One Community (Vietnamese, Indochinese, Laotians), 1984, 288 pages Blakely, Mary Margaret, PhD University of Oregon 8501976
The Strongest Part of the Family: A Study of Lao Refugee Women in Columbus, Ohio, 1984, 201 pages Muir, Karen Lynn Stickney, PhD The Ohio State University 8504059
Sound Symbolism and the Expressive Words of Lao, 1978, 147 pages Crisfield, Arthur Grayson, PhD University of Hawaii 7903492
Nandakaprakarana Attributed to Vasubhaga: A Comparative Study of Sanskrit, Lao and Thai Texts Raksamani, Kusuma, PhD University of Toronto (Canada) ID number not available
The Influence of Siamese on Five Lao Dialects, 1973, 272 pages Khanittanan, Wilaiwan Wichienrot, PhD The University of Michigan 7415777
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