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Programs and Resources for Hmong Farmers

Websites with Agricultural Resources Relevant to Working with Hmong Farmers

University of Wisconsin-Extension Hmong Task Force
This website offers a multimedia approach to training Hmong farmers and small business owners with limited English-speaking ability. Voice-narrated Power Point slide shows are accessible online, and available on CD-Rom, on a range of topics including horticultural production, community gardening, farmers markets, and small business planning.

Working with Hmong Audiences
This website has good selection of resources, websites, books, articles, educational materials about Hmong culture and food, as well as ways to approach nutrition education when working with Hmong audiences. This information was gathered by Extension educators in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Hmong Studies
Comprehensive Hmong information, links to state and regional Hmong organizations, loads of research articles, bibliographies, census data. Click on Demographic Census Data tab for the exact numbers of Hmong per state in 2000.

Better Money Management: An Individual Development Account Economic Literacy Curriculum for Hmong People By Tou Xue Lor, Jeanette Williams, 920.426.0150, jennyw@advocap.org.
This is a basic money management curriculum for 10 - 20 hours written in Hmong for a Hmong audience. The curriculum also focuses on saving and has been used successfully with Individual Development Account Program.

Websites with General Information About Hmong Language, Culture, and History

WWW Hmong Homepage
This website is an effort to bring together a collection the Internet-based resources related to Hmong news and current-events, issues, history, publications, and culture. It was created by Craig Rice and Robin Vue-Benson, graduate students at the University of Minnesota in the College of Education and Human Development's "International Development Education" program.

Hmong National Development
This is the website of Hmong National Development, Inc., a national non-profit organization developing capacity to ensure the full participation of the Hmong people in society. This organization works with local and national organizations, public and private entities, and individuals to promote educational opportunities, to increase community capacity, and to develop resources for the Hmong community. The website contains lists of organizations serving Hmong people in each state, including a list of links for small farmers.

Washington State Arts Commission, Asian Festivals

This site contains information about Hmong New Year traditions and other art traditions. It is hosted by the Washington State Arts Commission which was created to support the arts as a way of supporting the state's social, educational and economic growth, and to contribute to Washington's quality of life and the well being of its citizens.

Hmong Studies Resource Center
This website is the home of the Hmong Studies Journal, which has published 6 volumes and more than 40 scholarly articles since 1996. This website is also a source of comprehensive bibliographic information about studies of Hmong history, culture, and adaptation in diasporic communities around the world. The site also includes detailed Hmong, Lao, Cambodian, and Vietnamese census data from the U.S. Census.

Hmong Cultural and Resource Center of Minnesota
This site has lots of information on Hmong culture and history. It includes a comprehensive collection of Hmong-related literature, scholarly research, and multimedia materials. It is hosted by the Hmong Cultural and Resource Center of Minnesota, which seeks to promote the personal development of children, youth, and adults through Hmong cultural education while providing resources that enhance cross-cultural understanding between Hmong and Non-Hmong people.

The Hmong People in the U.S.
This web page is dedicated to understanding the Hmong people in the United States, and the tragic events that brought them here. It was created by Jeff Lindsay of Appleton, Wisconsin.

Lao Family Community of Stockton
This website has a list of organizations that serve the Hmong community in California. It is hosted by the Lao Family Community of Stockton, which is dedicated to promoting economic development and self-sufficiency in the Southeast Asian Community.

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