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Pesticide Information

Pesticide labels and MSDS fact sheets
Recertification workshops
Pesticide newsletters
PNW Pest Management Control Handbooks
Government agencies
Analytical labs that perform pesticide testing

Pesticide labels and MSDS fact sheets

WSU Pesticide Information Center On-Line (PICOL) Database, Catherine Daniels, WSU Tri-Cities; a searchable database of Washington and Oregon pesticide labels and PNW tolerances.

WSDA Pesticide Registration Information, an on-line pesticide database that allows users to print currently registered pesticides. 2001.

Greenbook, Search for labels, MSDS, supplemental labels by company or product.

Agricultural chemical manufacturers, listing sites for more than 80 companies, from Crop Data Management Systems, Inc., Marysville, California

Section 18 and 24 C exemption, Pesticide Notification Network, Washington State Pest Management Resource Service.

Recertification workshops

Recertification, WSDA recertification requirements, Washington State University PEP recertification courses.

List of WSDA Approved Recertification Courses, Washington State Department of Agriculture.

Pesticide Recertification, Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Pesticide newsletters

Agrichemical and Environmental News, 2001, Catherine Daniels, Pesticide Information Center, WSU Tri-Cities, Richland, WA, a monthly newsletter which covers all facets of pesticide education, safety, entomology, plant pathology, and upcoming pesticide education.

Pacific Northwest Pest Management Control Handbooks

Weeds, revised annually, authors from Oregon, Washington, and Idaho State Universities.

Insects, revised annually, authors from Oregon, and Washington State Universities.

Disease, revised annually, authors from Oregon State University.

Government agencies

Pesticide Management Division, Washington State Department of Agriculture, Olympia, WA. Programs include pesticide compliance, pesticide registration services, pesticide program development, fertilizer regulation and feed regulation.

Pesticides, Washington State Department of Agriculture, Olympia, WA. Covers pesticide law compliance, waste disposal, and worker protection.

Pesticides Division, Salem, Oregon. One-stop shopping for Oregon growers interested in pesticide licensing.

Pesticides, United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Analytical labs that performing pesticide testing

Analytical Laboratories and Consultants Serving Agriculture in the Pacific Northwest, Catherine Daniels, Washington State University Cooperative Extension, EB 1578E. Updated September 2005.

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