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Capital Press, Salem, Oregon. The principal farming newspaper for the Pacific Northwest. Mailed out weekly on Thursday. A "must have" for anyone contemplating farming in the Northwest.

American Nurseryman, Chicago, Illinois. The principal trade organization for the nursery and landscape industry. This magazine is published and mailed biweekly.

The Digger, Wilsonville, Oregon. A monthly published trade magazine for the Oregon Association of Nurserymen.

Balls and Burlap, Puyallup, Washington. A monthly magazine for the Washington State Nursery and Landscape Association.

The Packer, Vance Publishing Company. Weekly newspaper described as the "Wall Street Journal" for the fresh fruit and vegetable industry.

IPM Practitioner, from Bio-IntegralResource Center, Berkeley, California. A magazine published 10 times/year. Excellent reviews of all faces of integrated pest management for urban and rural areas.

California Agriculture, Oakland, California. News and peer-reviewed research published bimonthly by the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Small Farm Today, Clark Missouri. The original how-to magazine of alternative and traditional crops, livestock, and direct marketing.

Western Fruit Grower, Meister Publishing Company. Monthly magazine for western tree fruit, grape, and small fruit producers.

American Vegetable Grower, Meister Publishing Company. Monthly magazine for western vegetable crop growers.

Growing for Market, Fairplan Publishing, Lawrence, Kansas. Monthly magazine covering all phases of small scale, direct market crop and animal production and marketing. Provides current prices for direct market crops. This is probably the best trade magazine for the small scale grower.

Good Fruit Grower, Washington State Fruit Commission, Wenatchee, Washington. A semi-monthly trade magazine for the tree fruit and grape industry in the Northwest. Excellent color plates and thorough coverage.

Greenhouse Grower, Meister Publishing Company. The best known magazine for the greenhouse industry.

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